Top 10 Technology Tips for New Teachers

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Top 10 Technology Tips for New Teachers

The experience of becoming a new teacher in any institution is not usually an easy one and it at times can be overwhelming. One has to deal with issues of learning new curriculum, adopting new school policies, new team and also challenges in managing classes. However, one could use technology to make the experience a little easier to manage. Below are some top 10 technology tips for new teachers. 

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1. Developing a Personal Learning Network (PLN) 
One could be able to join such a network on social media like Twitter where they will be able to connect with other teachers who will help them deal with their present struggles. This network will help you share your issues and difficulties with other people who will in turn offer you solutions. Ensure that you add education as part of your profile to enable other teachers and people to easily locate you on Twitter.

2. Further Learning Having a degree in teaching does not necessarily mean it is the end of learning. New teachers could utilize technology to further their studies thereby increasing their knowledge level. This will make their teaching to be current, fresh as well as empathetic.

3. Student Engagement If you want to keep your students engaged and therefore always on task while still learning, you should rely on technology. Idle students always come up with mischief and you can take advantage of the many problem solving as well as critical thinking activities that technology has to offer. This will keep them pre-occupied in these activities and they are bound to learn one or two things.

4. Involve Parents
In order to ensure that your students do not forget what they learn in school, work towards linking school with home. They should never at one time stop their learning whenever they get out of class. You will need to involve the parents in this step by creating a simple website that has some overviews, homework, policies and some educative links to ensure that parents are kept in the know. You could also open a social media account for the class.

timthumb5. Self Organization
As a new teacher you will have lots of new information to learn as well as research on. It is therefore important to have a central place where you can access this information easily. You could make use of a bookmarking software that will easily arrange your information well making retrieval very easy.

6. Keep Tabs on Educational Information
You could go out of your way to look for more educative information on the internet and download such information for your classes. You could check for blogs that help fine tune your teaching skills making you become a better teacher as well as learn how to overcome difficulties in teaching. You could also get some inspirational information to encourage your students.

7. Knowing Your Students
As a good teacher, it is always important to know and understand your students individually. In order to do this effectively, you could create a web space for each of your student listing all their preferences, likes, dislikes and what are view. This will be technology helping you learn more about your students easily.

8. Work Smart
You should use technology to help you work smart thereby making the maximum utilization of your time. You could look for scholarly wizards that will help you go through educational books fast and effectively. You could also employ technologically advanced research tools to get what you need easily for your students.


9. Lesson Planning
There are so many free lesson plans available on the internet and you could adopt some to save you time. It is quite tiring to come up with lesson plans from scratch and technology makes this easier for you. This will save you more time to interact with your students.

10. Being Prepared
Use technology to carefully plan your lessons to ensure that you always meet your teaching goals and objectives easily. They easily help you link your teaching with some quizzes and puzzles as well as worksheets to keep track of your students grasping ability. There are so many teacher tools online to make your experience as a new teacher to bbe an easy and pleasant one.

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